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NBC Nightly News

Paralyzed racer tackles the track with advanced electronics

Sam Schmidt demonstrates new technologies that allow him to drive challenging road courses in year 2 of the SAM Project. Watch The Video

FOX Sports

Quadriplegic Schmidt Hits 100 MPH at Indianapolis

FOX Sports covered the big day, May 18 and how it felt for quadriplegic and former IndyCar Driver, Sam Schmidt, to drive again. Read More

Associated Press

Sam Schmidt is Riding Again in Indianapolis

AP tells the story of Sam Schmidt getting back behind the wheel after an accident left him quadriplegic. Read More

USA Today

Quadriplegic IndyCar team owner Sam Schmidt completes a lap at Indianapolis

USA Today recaps the SAM project event on Indy pole day, March 18th. Read More


This Quadriplegic Racer Drivers a Corvette by Tilting His Head

Wired takes an in depth looks at the SAM project’s off-the-self technology that’s being used in a novel way to get Sam Schmidt driving again. Read More

Sports Illustrated

Paralyzed IndyCar team owner Sam Schmidt to drive at Indy 500 pole day

SI dives into the human story surrounding the SAM project and how the event is the “Road to a Miracle." Read More

The Indy Star

Quadriplegic Sam Schmidt completes ceremonial Indy 500 qualification lap

The Indy Star takes readers on a visual journey of the SAM car event on May 18th. Read More

Las Vegas Review Journal

Schmidt back on track with inspiring Indy laps

The LV Review journal recaps the moving laps taken by quadriplegic racer Sam Schmidt. Read More


Quadriplegic racer will drive a Corvette using only his head

Engadget briefly reports an overview of the SAM project and when to view the car in action. Read More


A Quadriplegic Racer Will Steer a Stingray With His Head at the Indy 500

Gizmodo looks at the technology of the SAM project, compares it to existing tech in other industry fields and predicts future applications. Read More

Yahoo! Autos

Quadriplegic former racer to lap Indy thanks to hands-free Corvette

Yahoo! Auto recaps Sam Schmidt’s story, the SAM story and Sam’s opportunity to drive again. Read More


At Indy 500, paralyzed driver will steer by head tilts alone

CNET covers Sam Schmidt’s story the SAM project technology, and how it could inspire future innovations. Read More

USA Today

Sam Schmidt will unveil special Corvette at IMS

USA Today covers Sam Schmidt’s story in depth, and his partnership in the SAM project. Read More